Saturday, August 13, 2005

Why we might possibly all be fucked...

I meant to put this link into my last post about Peak Oil. And here's another fairly concise article on our prospects. Cheers.

After speaking with my friend Meredith, I have to add, parenthetically, that this second article (prospects) contains a very strange reference to nuclear energy--"if we wish to keep the lights on in America after 2020, we may indeed have to resort to nuclear power, with all its practical problems and eco-conundrums". This makes absolutely no sense, given the intensive energy inputs needed to build the horrid things, not to mention mining, refining and transporting the ghastly uranium ore--all of which relies on petroleum based infrastructure. Perhaps the author is on the take? Or someone else inserted that line? Makes no sense to me, though the rest of the article seems well reasoned to me.

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