Monday, October 15, 2007

Ron Paul

I'm fascinated by the Ron Paul candidacy. At first I thought he was just the Dennis Kucinich of the Republican party--someone bringing vital questions and ideas into the debate, but without any chance of winning the nomination--someone seriously 'off message' and forcing the other candidates to squirm a bit.
But it seems that Ron Paul is actually raising a good deal of campaign money, and consistently doing very well in post debate polling. My folks would have loved him--they were old school Republicans: fiscal conservatives and social libertarians.
I'm not saying I support the fellow. I think some of his ideas are nuts. But if it were a choice between him and Hillary Clinton, I'd probably go with Ron Paul.
There are a number of very slick Ron Paul videos out there on YouTube and such. They have such a propaganda feel to them that instead I'm posting this simple clip of debate footage, in case you want to know more about the guy.

Okay, on edit, Krista thinks I should put in this next video (one of the propaganda ones), because it does contain much more information about the dude. So here it is:

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