Friday, January 11, 2008

How Do We Know Who Won?

I've been dipping back into the media stream this last week to hear about the New Hampshire primary. Anytime I hear the words 'unexpected' or 'surprising' or 'proved the polls wrong' my ears prick up.
Turns out that 81% of the votes in New Hampshire are counted on Diebold machines. The clip below shows poll workers being shown how easy it is to hack those same machines. One of them starts crying. The only thing New Hampshire tells me is that the power elite are choosing Hillary and McCain as the final contestants in their rigged election to come.
Sure it's possible they actually won. But they probably didn't. I can't bear listening to all the chattering pundits explaining the 'results'. It must be because Hillary cried, right? People start repeating this drivel and never question who counted the votes. We should all be crying.

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molly-girl said...

Such a bad idea. Incredibly bad idea.

Just saw your letter in the PD this morning. :D