Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I'm trying to stay positive.

This morning I got up and did some EFT around stolen elections, electronic voting machines and fraud. I've got a backlog of deep anger, frustration and rage over Bush stealing the presidency. Twice. And my loss of trust in our elections and hence our democracy. Ugh.

EFT helps. I was motivated this morning because I'm affirming that Obama will win. I see him winning. And so I need to get rid of any negative affirmations that the Hillary/McCain machine is going to prevail. You know, law of attraction stuff.

I'm affirming that there are just too many people paying attention to the election process, too many people voting for Obama for them to get away with another fraud. The cheaters all get frightened they'll get caught and quit.

I'm affirming that Obama wins by a landslide, bringing in with him a solid progressive majority in the congress.

And this majority will enable a major shift away from petroleum/coal dependence. It will enable a shift towards universal health care (just like all those other Western nations!). It will mean massive investment in solar and wind power, algae based biodiesel, and massive conservation efforts. It will lead to a determined program to reverse global warming.

I cant imagine any of this happening if Hillary Clinton wins (or steals) the nomination. Quite the opposite. I would expect four more years of corporate consolidation of power, deepening economic woes, continued military-industrial spending with its required foreign adventuring. Further divisiveness in the electorate. Ugh.

Okay, I understand that she's a woman. She has female genitalia and boobs. That's great.
I just can't see how that makes up for her pro-war record. She was on the board of directors of WallMart for god's sake! She's so far into her lizard brain, she's barely a mammal at this point.

So it's Obama. Truth to tell, I was much more enthusiastic about John Edwards campaign. But now that he's out, it has to be Obama. So that's my affirmation. Obama by a landslide.

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