Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Safe Nuclear"

I just watched this video called The True Battle Of Chernobyl Uncensored which is based on newly released documentary footage and reports from the old Soviet Union. It was much worse than we really knew! This is a horror film indeed, yet I found it too fascinating to stop.
I've heard John McCain use the term "safe nuclear" over and over in his debates and speeches. I believe he is either very evil or so entirely uninformed--willfully ignorant--that he has no business serving in any capacity of government.
Even Obama has talked up nuclear power "once we solve the problem of safe storage for spent fuel". I hope he really knows better than that.
The whole purpose of a nuclear reactor is to create steam. And material for nuclear bombs. We don't need anymore bombs and there are much much better ways to make steam (including functioning prototype solar towers).
While watching this film and seeing the Soviet response to the catastrophe, I couldn't help remembering Katrina and our own government's pathetic failure there.

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