Thursday, November 06, 2008

One Last Fight

Just when you thought it was over...I just donated $10 to Jim Martin's run-off campaign in Georgia. Having once lived there, I am delighted at the prospect of a progressive democratic senator taking the place of yucky old Saxby Chambliss.
I've read that Chambliss is totally out of money. A surge of funds from enthusiastic Obama supporters around the US--even if it's just a few dollars each, may give Georgia a chance to be part of the real change we're all hoping for--from DailyKos:

There isn't a single sitting senator whose career is more antithetical to Barack Obama's -- more predicated on exploiting the worst fears of Americans -- than Saxby Chambliss. From his despicable attacks on the patriotism of war hero Max Cleland, to his barely veiled racial appeals during the weeks leading up to November 4, Chambliss has built himself up on a steaming pile of lies, half-truths, ugly resentments, and fear. He represents everything that's wrong with the discredited Bush era of American politics, and on December 2, Georgians will have a chance to repudiate him and his petty ambition by electing a true candidate of hope -- Jim Martin.

Jim Martin isn't just a guy with a (D) next to his name. He's a true progressive, in the mold of President-elect Obama, who will give Georgia a Senator who can work with the new Administration to achieve real change. He got this far by asking Georgians to vote for their loftiest aspirations, not to vote against their basest fears. And he now offers Georgia an opportunity to join in the tide of hope that is washing across the United States. But to get there, he's going to need money.

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