Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We Did It!

Last night we celebrated the election returns with Krista's family, hunkered around her dad's laptop, watching MSNBC on the internet, with occasional forays over to Krista's laptop to check in with DailyKos and Huffington Post.
When they called it for Obama at 8pm PST they began showing crowd reactions around the US and even in Kenya we felt swept up in a wave of euphoric relief and even ran out to scream and holler at our quiet Santa Rosa neighborhood.
I remember watching the moon landing when I was little. I remember the fall of the Berlin wall. But this was easily my most wonderful experience of being part of an historic moment.
It feels so damn good, after so damn long, to have hope again.
For me, one of the most startling high points was an brief interview with Michigan's governor (I think) who declared 'America needs to be the country that develops the battery to power electric cars'. This is a sea change and one we desperately needed. We have a chance now, to turn things around. To reverse climate change. To save the planet for our children.
We will have wind and solar power, algae-diesel and carbon sequestration. We will achieve universal health care. We will get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan and restore the military to its proper function and the military budget to its proper size. And we'll get rid of those goddamned voting machines. It won't happen overnight. But it will happen.

The one really sour note this morning is the possible passage of Measure 8 in California, the 'smear the queers' constitutional amendment. This is a measure funded by the Mormons (founded by polygamists) and the Catholics (led by child molesters).
All the pro 8 ads and lawn signs feature an attractive yellow color, reminiscent of those pretty yellow stars the Jews had to wear in Germany way back when.
As of this posting it has been called and then uncalled. The opponents have not conceded as there are millions of late absentee and provisional ballots left to count. There is still hope California can escape another humiliating blow to our reputation and character.

Here's a quote from DailyKos:
"Perhaps the best solution, and one mentioned before, is to give all couples civil union licenses. Gay or straight, it's irrelevant. Then leave the "marriage" thing up to individual churches. They can decide if they want to be bigots or not".

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