Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obama and Pot

I was so disappointed by Obama's response to the question of legalizing (and taxing) marijuana recently. He quipped "I don't know what this says about the online community". Yeah, those of us who worked tirelessly to get your ass elected.
What many people don't know is that we've got a prison industrial complex in place that provides hyper-low wage, or even no-wage workers for American corporations. We've also got huge corporations that provide uniforms and meals and build prisons for all these convicts. This industry formed a lobbying group called ALEC which wrote legislation promoting three strike laws and draconian sentences for drug offenders. The aim was to get more people into prison and especially people who would make ideal inmates and workers. Their efforts have been hugely successful. Today one in 100 Americans is behind bars. We're pouring enormous amounts of public funds into these corporations.
There are so many reasons to legalize marijuana (and not just medical marijuana)--stopping this ongoing erosion of civil liberties, taking away 70% of drug cartels business, raising huge tax revenues, getting the desperately needed hemp industry going, and dealing a huge blow to ALEC and the obscene profits of the pharmaceutical companies.
And all Obama can do is make stupid jokes? We need a scienced based drug policy. I'm hoping Tom Ammiano breaks through the bullshit and saves our California budget!
This video is about Medical Marijuana. It should be required viewing for every polititcian in the US.

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