Sunday, June 28, 2009

Slow News Cycle???

What a crazy week in the "news". The potential toppling of Islamofascism in Iran gets upstaged by some philandering Republican (as if they weren't a dime a dozen), then Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Jeff Goldblum all died on the same day. What a great excuse not to cover the landmark energy bill that barely passed, or the UN report recommending decriminalizing drugs. And of course there's no time to look into why anyone in their right mind would oppose the "public option" in the faux debate on health care reform.
I watched Mr. Obama's invitation to open up the "debate" to the YouTube nation (see below). He may not realize that the insurance lobby and HMOs actually hire "trolls" to jam sites like these. I started reading the comments to his very polite and inclusive request and felt the mental equivalent of throwing up a little into my mouth. Yuk!
Pure vitriol. There was even a video response that cast FDR as "The Great Dictator". Turns out that FDR was the one who caused the Great Depression! I never knew that. Thanks YouTube.
This whole "debate" on reforming health care in the US reminds me of the fake election results in Iran. It isn't even being done credibly.
The issue has become so stark, the need for single payer universal health care so dire, that all the bastards shilling for the Insurance Lobby looks like the corporate sellouts they are. Our own darling Diane Feinstein, here in California, chief among them.
If only we could revoke her lifetime free top of the line coverage. She'd change her tune in a hurry.
Tar and feathers, boys. Get out the tar and feathers. And don't forget to pray for the poor Iranians.


Deb said...

I had heard as a child that my grandfather and his brother had wildly celebrated the death of FDR. I was confused, because "history" portrayed FDR as a hero of the poor and down-trodden. But now I know history is written by the "winners"; and I now celebrate my grandfather's wisdom instead.

rob said...

I suppose FDR did some crappy things, like enable the Japanese Internment Camps.
But we had ZERO safety net before FDR. Unemployment was at 25% when he took office.
Thanks to FDR we have Social Security, the FDIC, the minimum wage, the SEC to regulate Wall St., and the National Labor Relations Act which strengthened unions. He also ended Prohibition, with the help of congress.
And without FDR the US probably would have let Britain fall to the Nazis.
History is written by the winners, and not everyone would agree that the above things are all good, but they weren't "made up".
If the military industrial complex hadn't gained ascendancy under Truman and Eisenhower we might actually be living in a civilized country.