Monday, July 27, 2009

More on Health Care Reform

I found this on Digg, a comment by John E Hubertz and thought it succinct.


Well the process is complex - but if you look at root causes, it's the same reason accountability in Iraq is so impossible.

History holds the answer - from 1955 through the present day, massive corporate investment and banking interests funneled their agenda into our national legislative priorities by first suborning the American Medical Association, then wooing the community of physicians over a decade or so as traditional doctors retired.

By around 1980, the entire thing paid off. Useless and unnecessary rules and "standards" (which if not followed, insurance companies would use as excuses to drop or skyrocket insurance premiums) resulted in the closure of over 90% of the "teaching hospitals" - mostly medium sized facilities linked to state and community colleges.

Suddenly, only stright-A students with deep pockets could become doctors - and the ratio of patients to doctors skyrocketed. More influence peddling was in the background - making it impossible for pharmacists or other providers to prescribe even the most basic medicine when people were sick.

The result? Trillions of dollars of cashflow through federal and state expenditures and insurance premiums flowed into the hands of the large insurers. They raked off their "cut" (like all good mobsters do) and grew incredibly powerful - and these bank/insurance/multinational consortiums right NOW are blocking Obama and the United States people from something they desperately need - REFORM

Because - it is hard to steal money from a well regulated industry, even if you did choke off the human resources, the rights of pharmacists to supply medicines and denying us the physicians that we so desperately need.

Why can't above average students from any background become physicians? Greed. And our babies and elderly suffer - and millions of us go without health care at all.

These are the real mass destroyers - the real creators of world pain. We must back up our President and the honest men and women in Washington, as this is WAR".

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