Friday, July 24, 2009

Universal Health Care?

I just faxed another letter to Diane Feinstein and wrote to "give 'em hell" Harry Reid. I have to admit feeling pretty hopeless about getting any action out of these corrupt/anemic bastards, but by golly we NEED health care reform. I get really angry thinking about it.
I'm not tuned into the mainstream media these days, but I can't help thinking even the dimmest person might realize how insanely corrupt certain congress people are around this issue. Voting them out isn't quick enough for me. If Diane won't serve her constituents, it's time for impeachment. Or tar and feathers.
Here's the letter I sent my senator:

Senator Diane Feinstein

331 Hart Building

Washington, DC 20510


fax: (202) 228-3954

July 24, 2009

Dear Ms. Feinstein,

Please do everything possible to support President Obama’s health care reform, especially the “public option”.

We enjoy “socialized” roads and highways, fire departments, school systems, national parks and police departments.

It’s time to surgically remove the profit motive from American health care. If this puts you in conflict with your campaign donors, then choose to serve your constituents and stop taking their money.

Thank you,

I don't know about you, but to me it's very frustrating hearing Obama pussyfooting around the real issues. He does a very good job of pussyfooting, I must admit, but how about calling a spade a spade? We need private for-profit health insurers like we need (please insert your own favorite unnecessary life draining parasitic and cancerous perversion here).

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