Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rethink Afghanistan...

For me the whole "health care debate" really boils down to whether the government is going to serve its citizens or powerful corporations who have bribed and corrupted so many government officials. The choice has become starkly clear and urgent for so many of us. We've been witnessing a corporate takeover of the United States for so many years and now we have the opportunity to stop it, or at least begin to stop it. In my mind, if we fail in this effort, our nation will fall--having been bled dry and devoured from within.
The war in Afghanistan offers another arena to watch this play out. Far more powerful than the insurance and pharma lobbys, the military industrial complex has been draining our treasury at an alarming rate ever since Cheney was "elected" and has produced little or nothing in return.
We seem to be at a crossroads in Afghanistan. Three CIA veterans explain the situation there and make their recommendations. I think this video is worth watching (but it does contain graphic imagery). Will Obama simply follow the path that Bush and Cheney have laid out for him? Will we speak up to stop this madness? Watch this video and decide.

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