Friday, February 11, 2005

Just an update...

Well, we got our tickets from Airbrokers. And I've read nothing but guidebooks for the last few weeks. Krista has our one carry on suitcase packed (and thinks we'd better get another). But mainly we're focused on moving. Ugh.
We want to be out of here by February 26, so we'll have time to clean and all. Krista's dad came over wednesday and helped us move the big upright piano. Actually, to be fair, Joyce helped too. We have way too much stuff, but damn it's taxing going through it all. I took a load over to the hospice thrift store. I found this big bottle of homebrew beer that Krista made a few years ago, in amongst the junk. I gave it to the young guys helping me unload. I hope they opened it outside!
I'm willing to state, here and now, that I am optimistic about moving out of here and into Krista's little studio without dying from stress and exhaustion. Wish us luck!