Monday, September 29, 2008

October Fourteenth - Here Come the UFOs

Have you heard the news? Apparently we're going to witness world wide visitations by UFOs, including at least one really big one--two thousand miles long!
I've been a bit pre-occupied lately, watching the end of the financial world as we know it, but a friend sent me a link to a 'channeled' youtube video that got me up to speed. If you type in October 14 in the youtube search bar you'll be rewarded with an astonishing number of videos predicting and explaining the upcoming visitation.
Not all of the channels agree, apparently, on the exact date. Mid October for sure. Talk about an October surprise! I can almost hear John McSame screeching 'nuke "em, nuke 'em!". I hope Obama has prepared a more inclusive response. God knows what the markets will do. They seem to panic at the drop of a pin these days.
Supposedly there will be no direct communtication from the UFO(s). They'll just show themselves in a big way for about three days. No landings. No death ray beams.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Key Bit of History

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is Enemy Action."
-- Auric Goldfinger

I just read an article on Daily Kos that really explains the whole financial mess our nation is facing and just where it came from and who specifically set it in motion. Well worth knowing. If you're guessing that John McCain was involved....
read on.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Call to Action

Sorry to get all political on you, but this is actually pretty scary. Turns out this huge bail out bill being sent for speedy approval to congress contains language that would effectively end congressional power--the control of the purse strings. Guess which branch would get it?
You can read all about it here, on Daily Kos. It's time to make a few calls or send a few faxes to our dear representatives!
They're going to be feeling a lot of pressure to do something quick. But passage of this bill would more or less put the nails in the legislative coffin.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Man Burned, Revelers Go Home

At the Oregon Country Fair this year, after a particularly hot and dusty registration ordeal, the subject of Burning Man came up. Our friend Melissa asked "Do I really want to be less comfortable than I am right now???"
No. That's why I'm so grateful to see awesome photographs of this amazing spectacle. One of my favorite photographers on Flickr is Tristan Savatier (aka loupiote (old skool)).
His site is which relinks to Flickr, only with unrestricted viewing (e.g. no censorship).
This is definitely R rated--lots of titties and some sexually suggestive barbie dolls too. Also some very cool art installations and night time extravaganzas.
I recommend the slideshow view. Enjoy.

Annual 9-11 Edition

Well, here we are again. I'd just like to take this opportunity to remind you all that the official story of 9-11 was manufactured to justify war and the erosion of civil liberties in the US.
All theories of what happened are 'conspiracy theories' (unless someone is pushing the notion that the whole thing was just a chance accident). The official conspiracy theory has the problem of not making much sense and being contradicted by actual facts.
It also has the overwhelming advantage of projecting the enemy outside of our own government. To delve into what really (probably) happened and who was really (probably) behind it all, is just too frightening for most people. WAY too frightening. Like a young child who needs to believe that mommy and daddy are okay, some people get very angry at the very idea that they've been lied to. This infantile anger and denial has served the perpetrators well. So far.
Here's a link to a film that raises most of the key questions. It's an hour and a half long, and as I recall, pretty well done. Personally, I dove in deep and came to my own conclusions about who pulled it off and how. But I'm pretty much done with worrying about it. Murder will out.
I believe it's more important to focus on how we want the world to change and really focus hard!
For me this includes solar and wind power, sustainable biofuels, algae oil, natural building methods, permaculture, breakthroughs in water purification, global justice, the fair trade movement, tidal power, electric cars, and of course, energy psychology.
And I imagine a new government being swept in this November that will come to embrace transparency and true public service.