Monday, May 26, 2008

Santa Cruz Outing

This weekend Krista and Eden went north to the Women's Herbal Symposium. I wanted to have some quality time with India, so I suggested we head south to visit our dear friends Jay and Eileen and enjoy Santa Cruz--including the Boardwalk.
We had a pretty good time, especially visiting, but alas, I got pretty sick. I have to say, the Boardwalk is not a good place to feel nauseous! There are just SO MANY food booths selling horrible fried things making the air reek! And the noise. Oh my god. I went on several rides and got more and more ill. Thankfully Jay showed up and helped India have a good time. He even bought her a candy apple! Uck!! But he wouldn't go on any rides with her at all. Wise fellow. I finally got to feeling a little better and did the ferris wheel and one last ride on The Big Dipper. I
It was much more enjoyable hanging out with Jay and Eileen by their lovely pond. They taught us how to play Sudoku and Scrabble without using a board. Here's a few snapshots, sorry the video quality is so poor.
(...on edit, there are a few random weird shots in this--India and I dropped off a Deva Luna card order at The Food Bin, which Krista and I used to frequent way back when. The strange lion shaped things are actually Jay's slippers. And the Hot Dog On A Stick booth is where my girl friend Julie Williamson worked some 30 years ago! Looks just the same.)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Case For Invading Burma

Here's a potent blend of irony and cognitive dissonance for you. Our government has built up and rationalized its "pre-emptive" war capabilities under the Bush regime. Remember the 'Plan for a New American Century' and the "Pax Americana" bullshit?
Well here's a real honest to god opportunity to use our forces for good, with the whole world cheering us on, as the tick like dictatorship in 'Myanmar' withholds humanitarian aid from its own people, dooming tens of thousands to death.
I came across this editorial in the Asia Times--The Case for Invading Myanmar.
Possibly worth a read.
Is it possible for the Bush Cabal to actually do the right thing for once?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Algae Oil

This is a very informative interview, though you may wonder why the interviewer forgot to shave that morning.