Saturday, July 23, 2005

So Sorry....

It's been a while....
We're pretty focused these days on our house search and generating income. We finally got paypal and a shopping cart set up on Krista's website (shameless plug here:) for the prints and card sets, and soon we'll have the silk wall hangings on there. I took photos of them out on Jerry's arbor yesterday and was surprised and pleased with the results. I'm hoping they actually start selling as they're beautiful and the whole production thing seems wholesome and right.
Monday was my birthday and I got an extra surprise from the other batik folks we were working with in Ubud. After months of frustration and unaccountable delay, the samples finally showed up! There are three images on big rayon sarongs. These are the designs that Krista slaved over in Ubud while I took the kids to the bird park and monkey forest and generally relaxed in the hammock.
Two of the sarongs we want to tweak, the colors aren't quite right, but the third is good to go and I'm planning to call tonight and order maybe 50 of them--not sure how much they want to charge us. The image? It's a dragon eating it's own tail--an ouroborous, with gorgeous bright colors and wicked tribal patterns. I'll get a photo of it up soon.
This week we travelled over to Occidental to check out an unusual live/work space on the old Harmony School campus. I guess Occidental ran out of kids so the county closed down their elementrary school. They tried to auction it off but no one bid on it. So the town asked this developer Thiessen (sp?) to buy it and he did. He's got this whole big plan to put in houses and condos and such, but not for a year and a half. In the meantime he's put kitchens in three of the old classrooms and is renting them out cheap. Other classrooms are available for artist's studios. We looked at two of them and one was actually sort of appealing inside--it has a very tall cathedral ceiling with big skylights, and a whole wall of floor to ceiling windows/sliding doors looking out on a pretty hillside covered with shrubs and trees. It was mainly just one big room with a few closets. I immediately imagined building a huge loft. just felt way to edgy and unsafe. The campus is still open to the public sort of, and people drift on and maybe set up camp. I think it would feel too creepy. Otherwise, it's right in town and you could just about do anything to the rooms, the developer wouldn't care. Very interesting. Just not for us.
We want a nice big 4 bedroom house somewhere quiet and peaceful. A charming old house with a porch and a sunny kitchen. Doesn't everyone?
Meanwhile Jerry and Joyce are making us feel so welcome here and the weather has been lovely. Aside from the world sliding off a cliff and all, life is good.

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