Sunday, August 28, 2005

Saturday Market

Yesterday we went to visit friends at Eugene's Saturday Market--the very same venue that launched Krista's career selling jewelry 12 years ago. Many of the same folks are still there, selling the same stuff! I wish we had something like this in Sonoma County--the nearest equivalent that I've seen is the Marin County Farmers Market, but that's just tiny. Just the food booths alone at Saturday Market are awesome.
Anyhow, Eden and I visited our wise old pal Ayala (she actually gave us our first break, by sharing her booth with us). She's an amazing woman who has travelled all over the world, learning from indiginous peoples. She owns 13 acres up in the hills and has built up a lovely homestead (with no building inspectors thank you very much) and a subsistence livestyle. If you've ever done needle felting, or enjoyed it's many and varied products you have Ayala to thank, as she basically invented the craft and widely promoted it.
We also visited our potter friend Amy (I splurged and bought two $15 bowls). Her work is incredibly fine. She's on some new kick teaching Nia--some sort of spiritual excercise, and is actually doing a class in the park two blocks away. I'm going to try to check it out today.
And of course we visited Nancy. It was a gorgeous day and sales were good.
Eden and I took Nancy out for sushi after market, she'd never been! Unfortunately we didn't know which resturaunt to choose and ended up at a poor one. It wasn't really bad sushi, but it certainly wasn't good. Sad.
Afterwards I drove us up to Skinner's Butte overlooking Eugene to watch the sunset.

It was a nice day. Back home we ate ice cream and watched Bread and Tulips.

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