Saturday, September 03, 2005

Wake of the Flood

Hard to know how fast things are going to fall apart. We've all been surprised, I believe, by the National Crisis still unfolding in New Orleans and the South.
On one hand, I've been listening to the Peak Oil doomsters talking about major catastrophe right around the corner and then other folks who have such confidence in the ingenuity and creativity and spirit of the people to solve any problem with technology and cooperation.
At this point the doom-sayers are sounding a bit more convincing.
So what do we do?
Judging from New Orleans, if anything big goes down we're pretty much on our own. So it wouldn't hurt to put up some provisions, eh? Canned goods and water. Some batteries and matches and a first aid kit? A radio? All that stuff. I'm checking books out on how to make alcohol for fuel. What the hell? Might be time to plant some onions and garlic? When do you plant potatos?
This painting is 'Fall of Icarus' by Gary Slipper.

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Molly said...

Preparedness can't hurt. There's a natural disaster waiting to happen in every part of the country--fire, earthquake, tornado, etc. We are on our own. You can't trust the government when the sun is shining, the government is absolutely useless in a disaster.

I just wonder if Homeland Security would have responded more quickly if terrrorists had taken out the levees with no warning (NOAA was making dire predictions a week in advance of Katrina hitting the gulf coast) at all.