Thursday, October 20, 2005

Homeland and the Mad Tea Party


Mad Tea Party

Found these on the web yesterday.

Today we signed the lease to rent our new home in Santa Rosa. I wish I felt more enthusiastic about it. I feel a sense of impending doom, frankly. I want to get the hell out of the US. It's always just a question of where.

Today I also called the police department here in Santa Rosa. They issue permits for massage. The permit is only $100, plus a $32 fee to send my fingerprints off to Sacramento to be checked. Then there's the medical examination form to be filled out by 'my doctor'. The police lady said they are mainly looking for any rash, open sores, etc., and then they need proof of rubella and measles vaccinations. I asked, of course, what if I don't have my childhood records? Well, a blood test will suffice. And of course one needs a business tax certificate and zoning clearance as well, but that's a different department.
Jesus Fucking Christ. It's the blood test that really gets me.
Thank god that Santa Rosa is such an enlightened place to live and work. And that the police are protecting us from all those scabby disease infested criminal massage therapist crack whores who might otherwise be raking in the bucks here.
I politely declined her offer to mail me an application. Sebastopol is only 8 miles away.

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