Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Sunny Side of the Web

While I was so sick last week, I spent an unusual amount of time staring at the ol' computor, but I couldn't bear visiting the dark and gloomy news sites I tend to frequent. So I discovered a few little treasures to share with you. Just in case you have time to waste.

Neatorama is an ongoing collection of the weird and wonderful (today's postings were unusually morbid for some reason--keep scrolling down). In fact, you can just keep scrolling down and down and I'm sure you'll see something fascinating. For example, I loved checking out David Doubilet’s Undersea Images (see above).

Treasure Box is a nifty little puzzle game you might enjoy. Someone's art creation. India and I liked it. Krista did not. Though maybe that's because India was heckling her when she didn't solve the puzzles instantly.

Finally It's Jerry Time is really weird and sort of fascinating--some guy's animated blog, I guess. It currently has four little episodes, maybe 5 minutes each. Kind of horrible, but I really had to watch them all once I started.

Anyhow, I hope you aren't sick.

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