Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Off we go again...

I just purchased tickets for Krista and I to fly to New York City in June! We're really going, thanks to Jerry and Joyce, and Jon and Loopy and Meredith who are all offering to keep the girls happy.
This will be the first time we've ever both left Eden. And I think we've only left India once, for one night. It's a big deal.
We're going to the Licensing International show. Krista's work is represented in the show by our new rep, Alicia. But we wanted to check it out in person, and my Aunt Marian and Uncle Carr have offered to put us up in their apartment.
Krista has been working very hard on the show and is producing some fine new gray hair, when she's not tearing it out in handfuls. Ah, the creative process. It's brutal.
I'm hoping we get to bum around the big city a bit, see some museums and all that. We only have two full days! Ack.
In other news, Eden is still riding her bike. We just got back from the library. She's also begun stilt walking, using India's stilts.
I've got India reading juvenile biographies, as part of her homeschooling. She just finished Charles M Shulz, one of our local heroes.
And I finally got around to installing our solar powered clothes dryer in the backyard. Not everyone agrees, I know, but I love the feel of sun baked laundry! I spent about $7 for the clothes line and some hooks and rings to hand the line up with. With the price of natural gas so high, I'll have saved that much by the end of the week.

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