Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tap dance lessons in Hell's Kitchen

What a stress fest we've enjoyed this last week. India developed an excruciating earache and had a very painful orthodontic treatment (in part because she could hardly open her mouth from the ear infection). We came home from that and Eden was clutching her cheek crying. By some miracle we got her in to see (our new) dentist that day and discovered she had an abscesed tooth which needed to be extracted. Then my cousins Marcia and Sandy, from Back East, called to see if they could come stay the night. And Krista was having an on-going panic attack over the New York Show deadline, which had just been moved up four days.
We had two doctor visits for India, two orthodontic appointments, two dental visits for Eden (including the extraction) and two runs to the pharmacy for meds. I somehow managed to clean the house and make soup for my cousins. It stopped raining and Krista had a few good days in the studio. It almost seems we're out from under it.
The visit with my cousins was delightful--they had just spent 20 days bicycling from Seattle down to Crescent City, Californa and had many stories to tell. The title of this entry, by the way, comes from a story Sandy told of dance lessons in some scary part of New York City when she was little.
We've still got two birthdays, a wedding, and a major craft fair ahead before we start packing for New York. Not to mention actually finishing the displays for the booth in New York. I'm trying to get Krista to finish this one last illustration of a girl on a bike with a puppy in the bike basket. It's so cute.
Today I was trying to clean out the new hot tub in our back yard. The water had turned kind of green. Uck. I did all the (non-toxic) treatments and the water still looked a bit colorful. Damn. I gave up and put the cover back on and dicovered my hand was dyed bright green from touching the top of the cover! It's pollen from the olive tree!! Okay.

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