Saturday, June 17, 2006

Off We Go (into the wild blue yonder again)

On monday Krista and I take to the friendly skies again for a short visit to New York City and the LIMA licensing show. We worked like dogs for about a month getting new, more licensey artwork done and the display boards put together. Our new rep will have them up in her booth and we'll be wandering the (many) aisles to see what the show is all about.
Thanks to my Aunt Marian and Uncle Carr we'll have a really nice place to stay in Greenwich Village! Alas, we'll have only two full days there and one of those will be taken up with the big show. We're also planning to visit the Met. Otherwise we'll wander.
This is our first time being away from the girls. I mean, both of us being away. It's bloody well about time. Thanks to the Krista's folks we've got the chance.

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