Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, it's my birthday. I've had a fine day so far. Krista and I woke up early and opened up the house to let the cool air in. Our house has been staying blessedly cool during these hot summer days.
I called my sister early, hoping to catch her before she's out the door for her insanely busy schedule. My birthday is also the anniversary of our father's death. It was a good death, though premature, so not too sad. But today is the tenth anniversary, which seems somehow significant. And mind blowing.
Anyhow, I did some yoga and Krista and I drank tea and sat in our little hot tub, sans kids. A perfectly ripe avacado for breakfast and off to pilates--it''s been about 9 months or so! I really need to get in better shape so I thought I'd start my own new year off right.
I've been meditating on the amazingly fine constellation of friends and family I'm travelling though this time with. I admit that I was reluctant to incarnate this time. I have trouble keeping my perspective and sense of humor in the face of serial atrocities and environmental catastrophe. But I'm glad to be here with you all. It really is a beautiful world.
In a few days I'm back up to Oregon to study cob construction for a week. I'm hoping this will open a new door for me, career wise.
If you happen to have a big piece of land near Sonoma County, California, and you might want an alternative dwelling built on it, hey--let me know!
Anyway, I'll keep you posted.
ps, that photo is from my trip to Bali this last March. I was about to discover the ecstasy of scuba diving and scared as hell. What a year it's been already!

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Happy birthday!