Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oregon Country Fair 2006

Early Morning, originally uploaded by Robbi Baba.

I've got 138 photos over at Flickr! I'm not going to post anymore of them here, you can just follow the link and see the OCF 2006 set.
We're staying with Nancy here in Eugene at her ultra comfy home, slowly getting rested back up.
It was a very challenging year for us. Despite my vow to the contrary we arrived more tired out than ever, and about 27 hours late! We left a day late because we just couldn't get it all done and then blew out a radiator in Redding. We got to our booth at dusk on Wednesday night! Yikes.
Thank goodness Jerry and Joyce and Karen and Danny were already there. The floor of the loft was down and the kitchen area all swept and they helped us offload the van.
It wasn't until sometime Saturday that I really was up to speed. It's horrible being so tired when urgent fun is being had all around you. I felt the fair slipping away too fast.
But finally we did catch up and it was really worth it! There really is nothing like it. A beautiful and astonishing outpouring of creative offerings to a wildly receptive family.
India made about $600 and gave us $500 towards her Not Back To School Camp tuition. Eden and Zoe each made about $100, I'm guessing. That was really cool.
India especially has a devoted following. It's so amazing to see these really groovy stylish folks bending down to ooh and aah over her stickers and gnomies. She started selling on Thursday night and her face was all lit up with happiness like I haven't seen her in months.
It's hard to believe the fair is over. We'll be heading back down in a day or two. We did pretty well at the fair, about the same as last year, but we're needing to make some big life decisions. Maybe I need to get a job? Or maybe we need to move to Bali or something? We'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Or maybe you need to move to Australia and join all the other rednecks that make the yearly sojourn! Sometimes we go away and find ourselves later right back where we started from with a new perspective. So from experience I can say that the shifting needs to take place on an inward level always and moving all the human chattels and crap just makes for a lot of work. I must say though going back and forth keeps a perspective fresh. We will be in bali in late November and then off to Oz. Come on down.

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