Saturday, September 08, 2007

India (sans braces)

Yesterday I took India to get her braces off. In fact, I drove all the way from Eugene into the night to get her to that appointment the next morning.
The results surprised me. I guess I got used to mentally blocking out her mouth region during the past few years. And when she was struggling with those dental implants and her cheeks were swollen for so long, I guess I kind of stopped looking at her face so much.
Now her smile is so pretty! I also got her a nice haircut right before camp and she came back with better posture and having lost weight. Damn, she's gotten positively cute.
She's still sleeping off the effects of camp. Slept till one pm today! And she slept nearly the whole 9 hour drive back too. What do they do at that camp anyway?
As India approaches her 18th birthday in a few weeks, we're feeling like some changes are due in our little household. I picture her cooking dinner for us one or two nights a week and maybe picking up some new chores. And some more serious home "schooling" too. I'll keep you posted.
(Photo by Krista)

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Meredith said...

wow...18!!! You're joking, right?

She looks lovely, congratulations India on getting those braces off. Sylvan still has a ways to go.