Monday, September 24, 2007

Psychedelic Dance Jam

Psychedelic Dance Jam, originally uploaded by Robbi Baba.

There were many excellant parts of the party, including the India quiz that Krista put together, but my favorite was the dancing. Our house is so tiny we had to take out some furniture from the back living room and put it on the deck--but this worked out great, since folks would sit and cool off outside between dances.
We also had the windows open and a big plastic carpet (we got it at an Asian grocery) spread out on the back lawn. The kids took this over and danced and tumbled and generally had a blast.
We kept the living room pretty dark, with a blacklight going, our fiber optic butterfly and a candle lantern.

I borrowed Jon's stereo amp and hooked up our old speakers which had been sleeping out in the shed, so the sound was good and loud. I'm not sure how the neighbors like it, but we were all shut down by 10pm.

I had slaved over the dance mix, with help and input from Krista and India. It was pretty successful, though we ended up skipping a few songs. Amazingly, we only got through a third of the list!!! I guess we'll have to have two more dance parties. There were some awesome songs we missed.

Anyway, it was damn fun.

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