Friday, September 07, 2007

Wilderness Charter School

Wilderness Charter School
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We got to visit Jim Haim and Macy. Jim and his wife Katie run a charter school for juniors and seniors. The built a strawbale classroom and teach permaculture, natural building, rainwater catchement and sustainability issues. Lucky kids!!!
Jim was co instructor at the cob workshop I took last Summer. He invited us to stay with them in Ashland, so we did! They have a lovely old home close to downtown. Katie actually grew up in the house! But they've remodeled it beautifully. We got to sleep in Macy's room, with the window open and the dreamy sound of crickets singing all night.
Jim and I got to talk while the girls played and his friend Andy came over to join us for dinner. What a great time.
Jim actually invited us to stay another night! Which made me feel really good. I would have loved to , but we had to get on to Eugene. I love having friends.

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