Saturday, October 06, 2007

Join Our Focus Group!!

Krista and I are getting ready to have six new paintings printed up as cards for her Deva Luna art business. It's been several years since we did a printing and I'm excited. I think this will really vitalize her business. The hard part is choosing which images to print--that's where you come in.
I've set up a temporary blog: Deva Luna Focus Group, where you can see the 16 contenders and vote for your six favorite. You can also email us if you have comments or want to rank your choices.
We're only going to leave the blog up for a few days, as we have to make the decision early next week. So if you feel so inclined, here's the link: Deva Luna Focus Group
Thanks for your help!
ps. the paintings were originally in alphabetical order, but I had some of the names wrong! Please consider the order random.

On Edit: this was a really cool process to watch. We've had 35 people vote so far, with the poll closed by tonight. We were surprised by some of the votes and it has really influenced our decision making! For example, I was dead set against As A River, Like A Snake, which Krista really wanted to print. So it's currently the number two choice of 35 people--I give in! I was pretty sure we'd print Egg Rain of Spring, but it only has 6 votes. Hmmmm.

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