Thursday, November 29, 2007

Santa Cruz Sojourn

Jay, originally uploaded by Robbi Baba.

Monday morning Krista and I jumped in the car and headed down to Santa Cruz for a long delayed anniversary getaway. Krista's folks watched the girls and treated us to a dinner out (an even longer delayed birthday gift for me).

We stayed with our dear friends Jay and Eileen at their combination lovely home and thriving Sufi community center. A home away from home.

We alternated visiting, eating out and shopping.
Neither Krista or I are recreational shoppers. But there is something about Santa Cruz....especially their old main street downtown. There are fantastic shops loaded down with stuff we really like. So we got a huge bag full of Xmas gifts. It was really fun!

We had some really great conversations with Jay and Eileen. The kind that fill you up with food for thought, but don't leave you with indigestion.

I love 'getting away'. I came home feeling much richer.

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