Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't Forget To Smile.

Last Tuesday on my way home from my new office I was feeling a little down. My sessions had gone pretty well, I thought. But I was feeling unusually low. I chalked it up to low blood sugar and ate an early dinner as soon as I could.
But I didn't feel better. By bedtime I knew I was falling.
Eden had been pretty ill for a few days. I didn't expect to catch it, but I did. I spent the next four days flat on my back in a sleeping bag on Eden's bed, too ill to even read or watch a video. The fever just went on and on and I hurt all over. Ugh. The fever broke just as the cough began. One night I found myself on the floor, on my hands and knees, wracked with coughing and unable to draw enough breath. I was terrified. My fever came back and I spent the night shaking again. And another whole day laying as still as possible in my good ol' sleeping bag, drifting in and out of uneasy fever dreams.
Now it's been over a week. I've still got the damned cough, but my energy is back up to maybe 60% of normal. I've been able to do small tasks and read. I'm back in my own bed and I can actually imagine being well again.
But tonight I've been feeling a little blue again. It feels the same as last Tuesday when I was going down. I think I'm meeting that feeling again on the way up!
I'm not really sure why I'm bothering you with all this, except to say: be very careful of your health! Avoid sugar and stress. Wash your hands. This thing is going around and believe me, you don't want to get it!
And if you are healthy right now, be happy! It's easy to take it for granted, but what a wonderful thing to have abundant energy, to breathe freely, to have a good appetite. If you have all these great things today, well do me a favor and smile. Smile right now for me!

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