Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Wellness Fair

Yesterday I set up a little table at a 'Wellness Fair' in Sebastopol, home of all things new age and healing. It was in a Masonic Lodge, which was interesting in and of itself. I had no idea what to expect, so I was quite pleased.
I had a little folding table with a Bali blanket tablecloth. I'd made a sign at Kinkos to offer free mini-sessions. I had my acupuncture doll and a nice handout sheet and two chairs. I wish I'd taken a photo.
The 'fair' went from 11 to 5 and I must have done sessions for at least 20 people. Maybe 25! At times the volume in the room was so high we were practically shouting--which is a little weird when you're dealing with someone's deepest emotional trauma.
I pretty much loved it, though my voice felt strained at times. I would have liked to have booked a few more appointments right there, but I have a feeling I'll be getting some calls. Generally the mini-sessions seemed very effective. One of my first 'clients' was a gal who was having a lot of trouble with the incense and candles stinking up the room. We got her symptoms down from an '8' to a '3' within two minutes. She booked an appointment with me!
It was also good to meet some young and really dynamic practitioners, there to fire up newer practices. The room seemed awash with energy--I felt like I was bobbing around in the ocean.
Today I'm hoping to relax and play with the girls all day.

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