Sunday, April 27, 2008

EFT and the Law of Attraction

I'm going to do a workshop! It's a big step for me. I used to teach parenting workshops way back in the 80's. I loved it. As long as I was well grounded in my material, I would feel an enormous flow of energy sustaining me and it was very much like channeling, in that answers and humor would just come through. I'm hoping for that same sort of experience next month.
So far I've posted an ad in our local weekly paper The Bohemian and another on Gary Craig's EFT website. I've got a small mailing list from the Wellness Fair and I'll be sending out my own brand of spam later today. I'll probably even send something to all my friends and family (so heads up).
I'm still looking for the best spot to have the thing. I thought I had an old church building booked but it fell through. Hey! If you have a good lead, call me!
Here is the copy for my ad on Gary Craig's EFT site:

“The Secret” inspired many people to try deliberate manifestation. Unfortunately a key ingredient was missing! Old buried subconscious beliefs can pollute or cancel out our affirmations and positive thinking. EFT is the solution! Come learn how to ‘tap away’ your emotional baggage, rewire you thoughts and attract the life you really want. Learn how to apply EFT for yourself, your friends, family and the World, fine tune your goals and affirmations and have some fun uncovering “the writing on your walls”. We’ll be doing a lot of tapping and participants can expect a major energetic boost from this fun and intensive workshop. Saturday May 17th 10am to 5pm with a break for lunch. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!

Man, writing ad copy is challenging. The newspaper was the worst, since every word was 60 cents. Yikes.
It feels good putting myself out there. I've also got an ad in a local health magazine/directory coming out next week. This is careerism!

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