Monday, May 26, 2008

Santa Cruz Outing

This weekend Krista and Eden went north to the Women's Herbal Symposium. I wanted to have some quality time with India, so I suggested we head south to visit our dear friends Jay and Eileen and enjoy Santa Cruz--including the Boardwalk.
We had a pretty good time, especially visiting, but alas, I got pretty sick. I have to say, the Boardwalk is not a good place to feel nauseous! There are just SO MANY food booths selling horrible fried things making the air reek! And the noise. Oh my god. I went on several rides and got more and more ill. Thankfully Jay showed up and helped India have a good time. He even bought her a candy apple! Uck!! But he wouldn't go on any rides with her at all. Wise fellow. I finally got to feeling a little better and did the ferris wheel and one last ride on The Big Dipper. I
It was much more enjoyable hanging out with Jay and Eileen by their lovely pond. They taught us how to play Sudoku and Scrabble without using a board. Here's a few snapshots, sorry the video quality is so poor.
(...on edit, there are a few random weird shots in this--India and I dropped off a Deva Luna card order at The Food Bin, which Krista and I used to frequent way back when. The strange lion shaped things are actually Jay's slippers. And the Hot Dog On A Stick booth is where my girl friend Julie Williamson worked some 30 years ago! Looks just the same.)

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