Tuesday, July 08, 2008


We arrived last night in Eugene, after driving through the semi-hellish landscape of Northern California. Very hot and very smoky from all the fires. We had planned to leave at 5am to avoid the worst of the heat. Oops--we made it out before 7 and that was almost good enough. No air conditioning!
This was all part of our brilliant plan to avoid stress and exhaustion. We were supposed to have finished making stock July 1st. Instead we were making 'fairy furniture' and Eden's 'ugly dolls' until 11am.
As part of our new improved plan, we left a day early. We enjoyed an excellent picnic in Ashland wading in the beautiful creek in Lithia Park. We pulled into Eugene about 6 and found a great motel. This was really a first for us. We never stay in motels!
So we had a nice walk around the UofO campus and another picnic on the veranda of our motel. We had lovely showers and a good night sleep. Krista is sewing eyes on the dolls while the kids watch Galaxy Quest.
We're going to go get our food for camping and hit the fair site about noon, rested, clean, and about four hours ahead of usual. So far so good!
Here' s a link to last years OCF photos on Flickr.
Thanks for all the help getting here!

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