Saturday, August 09, 2008

850 Third Street

850 Third Street, originally uploaded by Robbi Baba.

My new office is in this building, on the second floor. After six months of subletting I decided I needed my own space. Today Eden helped me bring 5 new plants over and it really feels ready to go (although I've been seeing clients already).
I've had a lot of help getting this place together and it feels wonderful being in the room. I think it already has a good healing vibe and it will just keep getting better.
I'm also excited because I plan to re-open my massage practice. I just have to pull the table out of my closet and I'm ready to go. For the past four years I haven't taken on any new clients, since I was seeing them in our living room! I've actually turned away business. Now I need to print up some business cards again and get going, though I want my main gig to be EFT.
Thanks for all the help everybody.

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