Monday, September 29, 2008

October Fourteenth - Here Come the UFOs

Have you heard the news? Apparently we're going to witness world wide visitations by UFOs, including at least one really big one--two thousand miles long!
I've been a bit pre-occupied lately, watching the end of the financial world as we know it, but a friend sent me a link to a 'channeled' youtube video that got me up to speed. If you type in October 14 in the youtube search bar you'll be rewarded with an astonishing number of videos predicting and explaining the upcoming visitation.
Not all of the channels agree, apparently, on the exact date. Mid October for sure. Talk about an October surprise! I can almost hear John McSame screeching 'nuke "em, nuke 'em!". I hope Obama has prepared a more inclusive response. God knows what the markets will do. They seem to panic at the drop of a pin these days.
Supposedly there will be no direct communtication from the UFO(s). They'll just show themselves in a big way for about three days. No landings. No death ray beams.

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Anonymous said...

No direct contact...that means no mayhem and big show, but today has done something to me creatively for what I have been trying to do. Words, form, meaning came flooding in this morning like never before.
Meet you on the other side of the Bright side of the moon...