Friday, December 26, 2008

Medical Tourism

I need some dental work. I'm rooting for Obama and the dems to pass Universal Health Care so the United States can join the rest of the first world nations. But in the meantime, I need some dental work and it's looking pricey.
I had planned to slip down to Tijuana for three days. The dentist puts you up for free at a luxury hotel on the beach and it's only $125 roundtrip down to San Diego and quick trolley ride to the border (my dad was the general manager for the trolley project, btw). But Krista says no. There are just too many headless bodies turning up down there, on an almost daily basis. Save a few bucks by maybe losing my head? Maybe not.
So then there's Costa Rica. Really excellant dental care there. And you can trot off to see the rain forrest and/or the beaches while you wait for those crowns. Not too many people getting decapitated by drug cartells--just a few robberies here and there. The ticket jumps up to $600 or so. I'm not sure how much it costs to stay--haven't looked into it yet.
But off in the distance I see Thailand beckoning. The airfare jumps up to $950 and it's a much longer flight. But much much cheaper to stay and eat and really wonderful food. More interesting culturally than Costa Rica and much much better shopping (the night market in Chiang Mai!!). It's also very safe there. Buddhist country.
Strangely enough, from what I can make out, the cost of the dental work is pretty much the same in all three places. A third or less than my local dentist, and all with very good reputations.
Traveling to either country will save me from one to two thousand dollars, including the price of the trip!
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ps I just wrote the Thailand tourism board proposing that they pay for my airfare and in return I'll write a new blog on my experience. Good investment for them!

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