Thursday, February 05, 2009

After the Root Canals

Dr. Preeyanuch Chotivisarut (in blue) and her trusty assistant.
Dr. P wanted lots of x-rays taken, down the hall, to make sure the roots were properly filled. Since my mouth was so numb, and full of clamps and such, I couldn't bite down on the 'film' (in this case a digital sensor), so her assistant held it in place in my mouth while another gal hit the x-ray button! This really shocked me. One time, there was a big sense of hurry and she was about to do the x-ray without even putting on a lead apron. I made a gesture and mumbled as best I could, and she took the time to put the apron on. I think she was grateful for my concern.
At least they're digital x-rays, with a much reduced dose.
This photo is taken at the very end. They thought it hilarious that I wanted to take photos.

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