Sunday, February 01, 2009

Doctor Boe

Doctor Boe, originally uploaded by Robbi Baba.

This was my dentist today, Doctor Boe. She's not a whole lot bigger than Eden! She also did the cleaning on my teeth! I've never, ever, had more careful work done. Even the best dentists I've seen in the states were slapdash compared to Dr. Boe.
So far so good. Except that the receptionist happened to mention an apt on the 10th to finish the crowns. I freaked out! I'm actually leaving that day. Good god. She'd neglected to discuss it with me, or write it down on the apt card she gave me.
So I guess they're scrambling to get me in on the ninth.
The other bummer is that I'm not going to get my teeth laser whitened after all. I was hoping to have that movie star look. Damn.
Dr. Boe said it takes two weeks for the color to settle for them to match the fillings. She actually suggested that I have the laser whitening done and get my fillings on my return home! Ha ha ha.
I just saved about six or seven hundred dollars on those fillings.
I'll get the movie star look next lifetime.
I'm getting out of this cafe. There's a horrible American woman yelling into the skype headphones at some fool in China about her reservations--CAN YOU HEAR ME??? CAN YOU HEAR ME???
Good god.

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