Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Getting Better

I'm feeling pretty good about my new digs. The folks on this Soi are somehow very different than the come and go tourists at the old place. More relaxed for sure, and maybe they've been around for a while.
Had breakfast with an Irishman name of Tommy, who's here for three months studying Chi Kung. He's been coming to Chiang Mai for years and was a wealth of info and perspective. One alarming thing--I mentioned how that prostitute grabbed my arm and he said she was probably going for my wallet, that they are all masterful pickpockets! Yikes. Don't think I'll be walking down that street at night again.
He also talked about "roofies", the date rape drug. Apparently it comes in powdered form that they can slip in your drink, or even blow into your face and that's that. I find it hard to believe that there is much of that going on, given that I see lots of farang with Thai girlfriends walking around.
I just glad there's no temptation for me. It's like with gambling. It fascinates me that people gamble, and it has no draw for me at all!
My weakness is massage (the real kind). I went back to the same place for the third time last night and all the ladies saw me coming and were all smiles (it's an open air room with about 8 mats on the floor and 6 or 7 chairs for foot massage). Because I've been giving 20 baht tips I'm like their national hero!
Tommy says no one ever tips massage gals, and in fact it's quite rare even for meals, except to round up the bill to the nearest 10. But for me, it's just good karma to tip for massage! I remember how good it felt.
So today I have two apts. Yesterday was Sooooooooo much less painful than the day before, and I think the worst is over (though I'll still need injections, ouch!!!). Both doctors took great care to explain why I needed the second root canal. In fact, once the crown was off they seemed surprised by how much decay there was! Even though the tooth felt much better, it was only a matter of a year or so before it went supernova.
Dr. Korakat wanted me to look at the decay. I declined! I'm glad they are so professional and careful. And I can't wait till it's over!
Tomorrow I finally get out of town for the Elephant Nature Park, or whatever it's called. An all day affair out in the countryside. Then the flower festival the next day.
Hope this note finds you well and happy.

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