Monday, February 09, 2009


I just got back from getting my crowns put on and I feel so happy. They feel great, my mouth feels whole again and my bout of dysentery is about over. Knock on wood.
I do have to go back tomorrow one last time, but rather than dreading it I'm very excited. Dr. Korakan tells me there is a relatively new product, a gel, that one applies with a custom made tray, which re-mineralizes the teeth, especially any exposed roots, where I had all my trouble. It's a prescription gel and should keep me safe from decay for a long long time, which I am so freaking happy about!
It's 5pm and I'm on my last hours here. I told Krista yesterday that I'd be happy to be home instantly--that I'd had my fill.
But now I'm a little bit sad and I plan to enjoy myself tonight. I met a fellow down by the Worrorot market who told me the young monks are going through some sort of beautiful ceremony tonight at Chaing Mai's oldest temple (which I'd been wanting to visit anyhow). It's also near where the blind massage school is (another thing I want to do) and maybe even the Blue Diamond vegetarian restaurant that Tommy raved about.
The great thing is, I finally rented a bicycle. I had to, in order to get all my gear down to the shipping shop to have it boxed up. It's an old funky one speed that belongs to one of the older women on the alley, the friend of the laundry lady. The tattoo fellow, whose shop is between them got out some tools and raised the seat for me (which made me look marginally less like a circus clown).
So after the packaging, I headed down to the worrorot market and got to see the amazing Chinese temple nearby. At first I was terrified of riding, but it came back to me--no one here wants to hurt you! It's not like America, where some stupid asshole might just run you down for kicks.
I've really gotten the knack of crossing the busy streets on foot. It takes a whole different mindset here. I mean REALLY different. You somehow know who is most patient and step out and wave some cars or scooters by and step in front of others and you can make it across easy as pie. Hard to explain, but it's not an experience I've had back home.
Anyhow, my bike riding was actually fun. Chiang Mai is blessedly flat, more or less. So I'm hoping to get around that way tonight, and get even more stuff packed into the last hours.
They didn't have to numb me for the crown fittings, so I'm ready to roll. I may even eat some Thai food tonight. Since the illness I've just eaten bland western foods, what little I've eaten. What a shame!
Last night was the Sunday Market again and I had to pass up all the yummy stuff I'd scarfed down the week before.
One last thing. It may NOT have been the food at the elephant park that got me. It may have been an errant elephant kiss, that touched my open mouth. I'd forgotten that happened until I saw the photos.
Elephants are majestic, intelligent, loving and beautiful, but hygienic they are not.
I don't know if I'll be able to write again tomorrow morning, so I just want to thank everyone who helped me get here. I'll be so glad to see y'all back home.

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