Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Back

Well, I made it back alive. Krista and Jerry met me at the airport and Jerry drove us home in a fierce rainstorm. It was so good to see them, and the girls waiting for me back home.
But so far I haven't left the house. It's COLD outside! And I'm dealing with the jet lag (it's 2:21 in the morning in Chiang Mai) and a very upset stomach--I think that's from the final insult of airline food.
I'm almost ready to grab the wheel again and get back to work. I've also got 4 gigabytes worth of photos and video to sort through. I'll post some more photos soon. And I want to write up a comprehensive report on dental tourism in Chiang Mai. For whom, I'm not sure.
Meanwhile, I've got about ten thousand hours of stories inside my head, just waiting for someone, anyone, to ask me a question about my trip.
So watch out!


Berger said...

Hi Robbi,

I would love to hear your take on Dental Work in Chiang Mai. My wife Laurie and I are Leaving for Chiang Mai on feb 22nd. We are going to grace dental just like you. A couple of our friends that live in Chiang Mai highly reccomend Grace Dental. I have been following your blog and i have one question Did they offer oral sedation dentistry to you.I have heard that this is the way to go if you do are dental phobic like my wife or a bit tense in the chair like myself. it seems from what i have read that this alievates quite a bit of the pain involved. did they have nitrous if so did you do it , do you know what it cost for either oral sedation or nitrous.

Thanks for the info


Looking forward to your report back. if you want you can e-mail me

rob said...

They offered both nitrous and sedation in the form of pills. A woman who was having implants put in took the pills while I was talking with her. She had her daughter with her to help her get home after.
I don't know if they offer sedation routinely to implant patients--it's certainly an invasive procedure!
The attitude I encountered around nitrous was that it wouldn't be needed. It almost seemed that the doctors were just a little bit insulted by the idea that their work wouldn't be painless and that anyone should be that nervous.
But I didn't actually request it, just mentioned it once I was facing the root canal procedure.
I don't remember the exact cost for nitrous, but it wasn't super cheap--maybe $30 or $40?
Hope this helps, and good luck!