Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sudden Changes

This morning I met a travelling monk at one of the wats on my street. He wrapped some string around my wrist for luck and blessed me. After a nice chat I went back to Chiang Mai Thai House to discover that I had no room!
It's true that I've been a little dodgy about committing to staying there. I was going two days at a time. But it's also true that Richard and I had a solid reservation for the 6th - 9th, which they ignored. They said it was because he had made the reservation instead of me, but I think they got a better offer from someone staying longer. So they politely booted me out!
I was pissed off, but this is Thailand and you just don't show anger here. I thought maybe it was my lucky bracelet propelling me out of there into a better place. I called the Rendezvous where we had stayed four years ago and they had one last room. I hired a tuk tuk to haul all my heavy stuff over there (I have done a bit of shopping!) and that was that.
The Rendezvous is much dingier in a way, but then again I have a chair to sit in and a nice balcony off the corridor (where I have fond memories of writing postcards years ago). Basically it's just as clean. And I wasn't going to be using the pool at all.
I'm hoping that people on my new Soi (alley) are more friendly than the Thai House crowd.

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