Sunday, April 26, 2009

Newly Discovered Flower Species

At least, new to me. I believe that we often (or continuously) slip sideways into alternate parallel realities. If you scroll down there's a great little video that explains the ten dimensions as understood by physicists.
Anyway, one of the markers I use to know when this is happened is unfamiliar plants or trees. Just this spring Krista and I have found at least four or five of them here in our own neighborhood.
You might think, well big deal, you just never noticed them before. It's not like you know every plant species do you?
No I don't. But that's not the point, exactly. It's a subtle thing, this shift. Usually the shifts are small, incremental. And I suppose, from a relative personal perspective, they could be good or bad.
Seeing new pretty flowers strikes me as a good sign!

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