Saturday, August 01, 2009

Deva Luna circa 2009

Deva Luna circa 2009, originally uploaded by Robbi Baba.

Well, I finally got some photos posted up on Flickr. You can see all 108 of them here (I recommend "slideshow view" if you have a few minutes, or detail view if you don't).
It was a bittersweet task, going through these images and working my photoshop magic on them. It sure looks good. It sure looks like we were having a ball!
This was a really hard fair for everyone, but it really wiped me out (as I've bemoaned below).
Sunday and Monday I was swearing up and down that I wouldn't come back next year, and I really meant it. Somewhere in my little brain there's a meter that measures WORTH IT - NOT WORTH IT. That meter was pegged most of the fair over on the NOT side. But you'd never know that from looking at these photos!
We've tried over the years to change how we do the fair, to make it less stressful and tiring. And we've had some successes here and there.
Maybe a radical overhaul in approach could get me enthusiastic to try again. Looking at the photos it's just too painful thinking about missing next year.
Anyhow, enjoy the photos...

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mollyf said...

It looks so awesome. The rain sucked, and the long lines sucked, and the lack of sleep sucked. But look at you! You rock that fair thing. I'm glad you're considering going back.