Thursday, September 03, 2009

Taking Woodstock

Seeing this film was a birthday present from Meredith and Steve, and a very good one.
We all loved this film. For me it worked on every level--a great nostalgia trip, lots of engaging side stories, a very authentic and wonderful acid trip scene, transformational stories, great music and lots of naked women! Far out!
Actually, there's one scene of naked people bathing in a lake that took me right back to a powerful dream I'd had a few months ago.
Anyhow, we all loved it. And I reckon it's a good film to actually see on the big screen. It was a pretty big event, after all.
By the way, there's zero footage of bands actually playing on stage. You only see the stage in the far distance. I liked that. With half a million souls attending, the show on stage was only a tiny part of the whole trip.

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