Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Just got back from seeing the film Avatar. For the second time! I love this movie--just about everything about it, from the anti-imperialist/anti-corporate message to the gorgeous world portrayed with all the alien but totally believable flora and fauna. And of course the people themselves, with their tails that let them connect with the nature around them, and their beautiful skin and ornaments and wild cat looks.
I've been asked over and over about the level of violence, especially if it's okay for kids. There certainly are some intense scenes of combat and destruction and desecration of nature, but I wouldn't call it gratuitous. And there really isn't any blood flying or gore.
But most importantly, to me, you see the appropriate expression of grief. Something entirely lacking from so many films. And the overall message of Avatar is so great, including the total transformation of the main character, that everyone I've seen it with so far has found it uplifting and inspirational.
And of course the 3D aspect makes it even more visually stunning. I'm so glad I was able to see it in the theater. It almost feels like an event, more than just another movie.

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