Monday, May 31, 2010

Yesterday India and I hiked up to Lake Ilsanjo in Annadel State Park. It's a pretty steep climb through a redwood grove. The path is paved with little pieces of obsidian in places.
It was the first really warm, sunny day we've had for quite awhile (all year?) and we might have gone swimming in the lake if we'd brought swimming togs and towels. There were too many folks about for us to skinny dip.
Instead we just ate our lunch and fed the little ducks who swam over to see what we had for sharing.
At some point India pointed across the lake to a dead pine tree and said "Look at that bird with the white head over there. Is that a bald eagle?".
It was! I had no idea there were eagles in our area, but when it took off from the tree and dove down to catch a fish in the lake, there was no doubt. It was huge! Turns out there's a nesting pair in the park. I guess our bird was bringing home lunch.
We also saw a little black snake, lizards, two tom turkeys gobbling like crazy, all kinds of butterflies, ducks, a goose and the biggest egret I've ever seen. It was snow white and huge and flew right across our path, with those long long white wings and folded up neck. As it crossed our path it let out a long stream of pure white poo!
Some sort of sign?
India was very good company on the hike, although it was hot for her. I don't mind the heat so much. In fact, I was remembering my first summer in Santa Rosa. I'd hike up to swim in the lake every week, getting baked in the searing heat. That was back before the hole in the ozone layer, or global warming were much known about.
Sadly many of the pine trees up near the lake were dead or dying. The redwoods and oaks seem okay, but something has pretty much wiped out the pines.
There were so many horses on the trails. When we got back to the car I found a shopping bag and filled it up with fresh manure to use in our earthen plaster! Score!

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