Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kaytea on Saturday Night

Kaytea on Saturday Night, originally uploaded by Robbi Baba.

Saturday night is a really big deal at the fair. Many folks end up at Main Stage watching the Midnight Show, which features abbreviated acts from most of the stage performers. A torchlit marching band leads the way down the path and opens the show each year, but we rarely go.
There are actually hundreds of scenes available with lots of live music and spectacle, and most years we do our part to add a little color to the path.
India likes to set up her wool dolls and sticker in the kid's booth and I put out white xmas lights and candle lanterns to help her sell. We have our gorgeous fiber optic butterfly mounted high up on the booth and this year we had beautiful red flower lights all along the inside top of the booth.
I also brought back the "ball of mystery" shown in this photo. I don't remember the actual name for this thing, and I'm too lazy to look it up right now, but you touch the glass ball and a purple beam of plasma arcs up to touch your finger. It's really really cool. Especially when you're out in the woods at night and tripping on any sort of psychedelic.
In the early days we were one of the few booths with electricity and so the ball was a huge hippy magnate. We'd enjoy watching the folks trip out on it, touching it with many different body parts and ooohing and ahhhing.
But after some years of this my friend Danny said "you know, that thing is the least trippy thing here at the fair". He was right, so I retired it for a while. It was great to have it back though.
We also had music this year. Karen brought her boyfriend Bruce Klein, a truly awesome guitar player and his playing attracted a number of awesome strolling musicians. There was some incredibly sweet music happening in front of our booth for most of Saturday night.
How awesome to just sit still in front of the booth (we were all very tired) and have the show come to us for a while. It was lovely.

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